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Creative Affairs

Contact me with all script inquiries, but please note that we do not accept any unsolicited scripts.

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Page Four Productions was formed in 2007 by Amy Krell and Mark Rudnitsky to develop and produce lower budget, high quality theatrical and television films and series for the international market.

Capitalizing on their shared experience while respectively Vice President of Production and Vice President of Creative Affairs for international production and distribution company Promark Entertainment Group, Mark and Amy have chosen their projects carefully to ensure that they are not only able to be made for a price, but also have exploitable genre elements and are written well to attract cast and crew.

Between them, Amy and Mark have a great deal of experience with the entire cycle of production, from script acquisition and development through practical production to post production and delivery, for both studios and independents.

Page Four's current projects include "Nemo," a 3D Steampunk action adventure about the further exploits of the notorious submarine captain that will blend live action with CGI in the manner of "300," but for a much lower budget; "Lady Prometheus," a gothic horror about the later years of the author of "Frankenstein," Mary Shelley, and "Manphibian!," a science fiction thriller about the dangers of interspecies breeding - after a nuclear accident.

Mark and Amy also provide consultation services in development, budgeting, production and post to cost conscious creative producers and distributors who appreciate the value of their full-spectrum experience.